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As a follow up I'm covering here the topic of patch management and its applicability within the context of PCI, a domain of 49,5% compliance rate as per the Verizon…Read More Thanks to the Target breach, information security is as front and center as ever.A new window appears, allowing you to choose the resolution for sharing your webcam. To share your microphone, click on the button on the top left of the videoconference screen.The parameters simply appear in a new window, allowing you to sort out your microphone before joining the conversation.If you wish to chat with a compromised user, simply issue a command like the following: As an attacker, your interface has the basic features like a You Tube video.You can full-screen (either yours or the remote user's), mute, and control volume (default at 50%).

If you've never tried Metasploit before, don't miss out the fun. In the newsletter #15 I addressed the problem of flaws in our working environments.

It can also work for telemedicine, like this cost-effective VSee-Intermountain tele-NICU setup using 3 Logitech C920 webcams. Logitech C925e works great for businesses and is affordably priced. The Right Light™ 2 Technology intelligently adjusts to improve visual quality in low-light and backlit venues.

It also has a privacy shutter that allows you to close the lens when you are not on the video call (or don’t want to be). If you’re on a tighter budget, Logitech B525 is a good quality camera at . It still has the clip that can attach to your laptop, and can be easily tucked away when not in use.4.

Many applications or websites have already implemented Web RTC.

To experience its awesomeness, you can go to sites like Webcam Toy and try it yourself. So what we've done here is we implemented Web RTC as a Windows meterpreter feature.

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