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Hacking can be prevented simply by changing the factory-set default security codes that every camera comes with.A large number of buyers will be parents who use the devices to monitor babies and young children.

Todėl norint implantuoti tokioje vietoje, pirmiausia reikalinga sukurti kaulą į kurį galima įsriegti danties implantą.The owner said: ‘We got these cameras to try to keep our property safe but we never imagined that people are looking at our house and what we’re doing.Burglars could see when we’re out.’ After being alerted, the travel agent and homeowner both changed their passwords. A spokesman said it was aware of hacking and will now ‘force’ users to change passwords.As our reporter helped him log on to the hackers’ website, staff at The Mail on Sunday’s office we were also monitoring it.‘This is absolutely appalling,’ said the manager, who asked not to be named.

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