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Assuming that the bot really has checked for all the best prices, factored in all user reviews, and taken location into account, the bot has probably saved me several hours worth of research.

Now the trick is convincing me, the user, that the bot really is recommending the best value and that I can trust it.

We can compare prices for rooms across numerous websites and search for the best deal.

But think of how much work all this is in comparison to the old days (for those of us senior enough to even remember them) when we visited our trusted travel agent once in her office and waited for her to call us back a week later with our entire tripped planned out.

As Opus Research delves into the bifurcated domain of Intelligent Assistance, it has become increasingly evident that today’s bot developers and customer care professionals live in parallel universes.

In a post issued in 2011, when coining the term “Conversational Commerce”, Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder with Opus Research, anticipated “the advent of true self-service.” Noting that the combination of smartphones, “The Cloud,” speech recognition with natural language understanding, and recognizing that our spoken words are assets, he saw “the foundation for smartphone-based services that are highly responsive to individual end-users.” In other words, the drudgery associated with searching for products and services, selecting a preferred vendor, seeking help and advice and ultimately committing to make a transaction could be carried out under the individual’s control, through a conversational interface.

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The bot includes natural language processing that enables it to recognize not only city names, but terms such as “romantic” or “close to the beach.” Are bots the end of self-service?But if I learn that I can rely on Snap Travel to ferret out the best value hotel for me no matter when or where I want to go, I’m likely to become a repeat user of the service.Doing a very quick comparison of the Snap Travel experience to that of using the Expedia bot, Snap Travel’s Emma seems to strive to be more of a full-service advisor.These will include providing it with more real-world knowledge and common sense, giving it motivations (needs, likes and dislikes), and enabling it to perform simple reasoning.We will also be enabling the chatbot to be personalized, so that when a limited edition chatbot is “born” it will already know a lot about its user and will be attracted to its user’s personality, background and other characteristics.

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