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OK, I proise I will make it up to you: surprises arrive very soon on the blog. If you follow me on social networks, youmight have seen that I participate in the Golden Blog Awards. Yes, I’ve been asking you to vote for my blog for almost 2 weeks and some of you have been supporting me very kindly.

Meanwhile, today I propose you to win this Sephora nude eyepalette: a hot make-up trend this winter! So I thought this would be nice to launch this contest to please one of you!

John Edwards’s and Kerry’s handlers were negotiating who’s going to go onstage first.

The candidates definitely had their off-stage and onstage personas, and as a photographer I call it ‘getting behind the blue curtain.’”“This was a spontaneous event, it wasn’t supposed to happen. After the event there was scheduled filing time, which allows the media to file their work from the day.

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I like this image because it kind of tricks your eye.(That history came to light after Buzz Feed obtained a police report, from 2005,, describing an incident where a distraught Heidi was found wandering along a Texas expressway, reportedly posing a “danger to herself.”) It’s also possible, Mair hinted, that the Trump team wanted to go one step further and accuse Heidi of “criminal” behavior, possibly dating back to her time working for Goldman Sachs, which Trump has criticized in the past.Even with Mair taking the heat for the ad, Trump refused to believe that Cruz was not behind the photo, tweeting on Wednesday: “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the “The Boston Pops were playing along with fireworks and James Taylor was performing onstage.“If you try to attack Heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought,” he tweeted back Tuesday.Liz Mair, the consultant in charge of Make America Awesome, confirmed that Cruz had nothing to do with the ad and said that “literally anyone” with Google could have found the image.

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