Single parent dating andover connecticut

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Expect affordable housing throughout much of the city, with a median sales price of roughly 0,000.Prices will vary quite a bit depending on the area of the city you move to, with the prices increasing as you move out toward the suburbs.Home prices in Norwalk are steep, but the salaries in the area more than support the costs.If you move to So No, expect the median home sales price to be 0,000.Crime is low in Westport, and there’s very little violent crime to speak of.Most of the public schools in town are some of the most highly rated in the state, although most of the town’s families send their children to private schools.If you’re part of the LGBT population and are considering a move to Connecticut, here are four of the best towns in Connecticut you should explore.Considered a Hartford suburb, West Hartford is a great place to bring up a family no matter what your gender identity or sexual orientation is.

West Hartford's proximity to the state capital puts it high on the list for LGBT.

If this is the city you choose to call home, expect to spend roughly 8,250 to live there.

Yale’s Ivy League presence and the thousands of students from varying backgrounds around the globe that flood New Haven each year because of it have propelled the city to the top of many lists of best places for those who identify as LGBT.

A full 80 percent of the town is college educated, only 25 percent are single and the median household income is close to 5,000.

Westport is proud to sponsor a several Gay Pride events throughout the year.

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