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Romance isn’t dead, it just needs a little bit of CPR.There are many places to go for a romantic date in Johannesburg. City-living often limits the opportunity for romance and if restaurants aren’t your thing, you need to think a bit more creatively about your options.Still, there are a number of perfectly suitable restaurants and alternative options for those who are looking for something a little bit different.When it comes to casual dates, you probably want something which isn’t going to tie you down too much.

There are a few options, but the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens is one of the safest bets. You can either simply go for a walk through the gardens or you can end off your walk with a picnic in the botanical gardens. They’re relaxed while still being quite intimate and the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens is the perfect place in Joburg to have a first date.

You know how horse riding looks so simple in the movies? There are a number of different options to choose from and all of them cater for riders of all levels.

Expect to pay between R200 to R500 for up to two hours of riding.

Located in Roodepoort, about 40 minutes from Sandton, the Botanical Gardens are a great idea for a weekend picnic date.

There’s plenty to see, from waterfalls to walking trials so get there early and wind down with a picnic after a wander through the gardens. It costs R18 per adult to get in, just remember: don’t feed the animals. If you and your partner don’t suffer from equinophobia (that’s the fear of horses), horse riding is a great option for an adventurous date in Johannesburg.

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