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She says going through such a shocking health scare has helped her put things in perspective and stop being a perfectionist.“I am such a perfectionist and think the stroke was a perfect reflection of that," Kim said.For instance, typing :poop: will add the poop emoji.

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However, it hasn’t always been happy times for Kim as back in 2015 she suffered a stroke, forcing her to drop out of competing on Dancing with the Stars.

STOP THE ENDLESS SEARCH FOR EMOJI WITH TEXT SHORTCUTSWhere would we be without our trusted friends, the "sexy aubergine" or "jolly poop"?

Sometimes words just won't cut it, but searching for the exact emoji you want can be a pain.

Believe it or not, Facebook's no longer just that friendly little blue website you post drunken photos to.

Squillions of development hours have been put into this thing, filling it with all manner of features you might not be aware of, including this lot.

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