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It was just something they did, something they thought everybody did," Hook said.

When the investigation was over, Oneida County officials declined to prosecute.

The DNR says cougars are not considered a threat to public safety, and in the unlikely event that you are confronted by a cougar, face the animal and spread your arms and open your coat or jacket to appear larger.

Cougars are a protected species in Wisconsin and cannot be hunted.GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, SERIOUS RISKSFor teens, the consequences of sexting can go well beyond the humiliation of appearing naked on every cellphone in math class.A single image can easily jeopardize a job search or quickly torpedo a college application.Yet increasingly, the images are finding their way into the hands of sexual predators, and the teens themselves can be faced with harsh, lifelong penalties for their behavior.Of the more than 130 million images containing child pornography examined since 2002 by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, one in four were initially posted by minors themselves, said John Sheehan, executive director of the organization.

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