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He was born on April 23, 1977 in Birmingham England.

He is best known for his correspondence work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart which he won an Emmy for back in 2009.

If you can’t find her at a panel or signing books, she’s probably stalking Stan Lee.

Willie Nelson was hospitalized for respiratory problems last night.

She grew up in London and Oxfordshire, and met billionaire first husband Nathaniel Rothschild on a beach in India in her late teens.

He left the stage, then “little sister Bobbie” (who was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame the night before) and harmonica player Mickey Raphael led the band for a few songs until someone came out and announced that Willie was ill and the concert was over. I’ve been going to see Willie Nelson since 1973 in Austin.

So, this is my way of honoring those people and what they went through in order to get themselves to freedom.”Nielsen based her upcoming historical novel, Resistance, on an actual group of young Jews who banded together to fight the Nazis in Krakow during World War II.

“None of them had military experience, none of them had any hope of succeeding against the Nazis, but they fought back to prove that not all Jews would go like lambs to the slaughter.” A sci-fi/fantasy geek herself, Nielsen is also happy to discuss The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or any Marvel movie.

He currently resides in New York City and is a permanant resident of the United States.

Utah author Jennifer Nielsen built her fanbase by pulling readers into fantasy epics they couldn’t put down, like The Mark of the Thief Trilogy, where an ancient amulet grants godlike power, and The Ascendance Trilogy, where an orphan becomes a prince and faces danger that puts you on the edge of your bathroom throne. ) Nielsen came upon the idea for A Night Divided by talking with a family friend, whose parents smuggled her across the East Germany/West Germany border by drugging and hiding her on a train when she was 5 years old.

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