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He was built without a backup unit, which is meant to help him backup data so that if his body was destroyed he could upload his data into another body if he wants.Without this unit, Bender was recognized as defective and in order not to tarnish Mom's Company he would need to be destroyed.It is unknown whether he really has a backup unit since the episode "Ghost in the Machines" was before "Lethal Inspection".As a bending unit, he spent his life before he met Fry bending girders to be used for suicide booths.However, Hermes (who worked at Mom's Robot Company as a bureaucrat back then) was in charge of destroying defective robots and chose not to kill Bender.

Travelling in the time machine meant Bender's experience was relative, and aged no more than the standard time experienced within the time machine.Because of these trips back in time, Bender's exact age is unknown but he is one of the oldest of the Planet Crew along with Professor Farnsworth and Fry.Bender is a selfish and insensitive robot who usually cares about no one except himself.Bender has also stolen his best friend Fry's kidney.Bender was built in the year 2996 in Tijuana, Mexico.

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