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But her number one priority is her acting career in films,television and on the stage. With respect,you say that ' Emily must',which could mean that you are telling her what to do,which is obviously wrong. And you have said more or less what I said : D Emily is now concentrating on her actingacting career in films,television and the stage,plus running her own website The Emily her My Free Cams shows and other things such as modelling for Holly Randall,etc. This obsession about her being on Hegre is indeed not only exhaustingly irrelevant to this page, but bloody creepy too.

You say QUOTE The only point from my side is that both Hegre and Emily must work something out so that we get a few more (the same number as with Ariel?! Why don't you Direct Message Emily on her Twitter Account and politely ask her to do the films that you would like her to do. I have never been disrespectful in any way nor have I ever suggested Emily to perform something she doesn't want to. It is as if she has no say in what she does at all.

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More films and massages (with whatever scenarios Emily is comfortable in). She lives in LA for over two years already and before that she lived in NYC for over a year so there is no way she will work for Skokoff again and she already said on numerous occasions she doesn't want to work for Hegre again either. Nude modelling might not be her dream job and new models come. But Hegre and Emily should and must collaborate - especially for films and massages. On her social media she is very clear that she will only do some (in my opinion not so interesting) camshows and her own website (again for me not that great at all)All repect for her, but i think this girl is gonna disappear from erotic work soon. Soon enough she will make enough money from just acting that she doesn't have to supplement her income with camming on MFC and her own site.

It appears that the only orgasms Emily has her in work these days are in her Bloom shows.

She is also pursuing an acting career in films and on stage.----------------------------------------Uforefen - 2017-06-16 Guys If you miss her,look at the sky at night the stars will talk to you about her...

I could be wrong,but I think that I already know what her answer would be :' I'm not interested'. My point, which is entirely valid, is that Emily on Hegre is the best and sadly the recent films with Ariel makes it certain that Emily would shine in such scenarios (with either a male or female partner, or none at all). Emily has said time and time and time again - I can go on here - that she no longer works for Hegre and has no further intention to. She has said this many times to the point where she has got quite upset at it and the stalkerish behaviour of some "fans". She is still posing nude and sharing her fantastic body. With respect, I'm almost certain that would love to make some new photograph sets and films of Emily Bloom - nude photo studies,orgasmic massages films and other things along similar lines with what she did with Serena L,etc.

The only point from my side is that both Hegre and Emily must work something out so that we get a few more (the same number as with Ariel?! She has her own website and is happy to appear for other sites e.g. For me and the people that genuinely like her and her work, this is enough. The point is that Hegre must realize that there is no one who could replace Emily. The question is this: Would Emily Bloom do some or all of the above new material for Petter Hegre......for any other studio? So alright, Emily might do some nude photograph sets and films showing her beautiful and delicious body,for Playboy Plus, Holly Randall, ,etc - and she definitely will do this kind of softcore teasing-titilating-token stuff for her own website The Emily .

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