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You just have to look good for your age."While Shue sounds remarkably serene, she admits it has been a long, and at times difficult, journey."There were times when I was not as wise, when setbacks would make me feel emotional," she says.

"I used to sit there and think 'I'm better than this, I can do better, why has this happened to me?

The nice thing about CSI is they sign people for a year so you have freedom.

I was petrified about committing six or seven years to one show."Sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles the relaxed, thoughtful Shue, casually dressed in a fitted black top and black trousers, remains beautiful in an understated way.

Shue returned to Harvard in 1997 and has completed her BA in Political Science in 2000.

Shue grew up in Bergen and Essex counties in New Jersey.

Not for her the nips and tucks of contemporaries, the shots of Botox and quick-fix fillers: "Every time I've seen anyone who has kind of overdone the treatments I don't think they look younger I think they look like they've done something to their face," she says.

"So even if I was tempted to go that route what would stop me is that other people saying 'what did she have done to her face? "There was a time, Shue admits, when she might not have been quite so relaxed. "You can't help it when you turn 40 because it's the first time you really notice your face has changed.

From early fame in Leaving Las Vegas, Elisabeth Shue has had a varied career.

Now, as the Blood Queen on CSI, she has entered the TV phase – and she's come to accept her choices, she tells Sarah Hughes Elisabeth Shue's career can be divided into two stages: the early years when she was America's favourite girl-next- door and the post-Leaving Las Vegas era when she turned up in quirky films such as Mysterious Skin, Dreamer and, most recently last year's House at the End of the Street, playing mum to rising stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Lawrence respectively.

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