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For many, this is all part of the fun of the world’s biggest arts festival: it’s a chance to get involved in something different, something provocative, something immersive.But then, there’s also the fear – that rather than a unique participatory experience, you’ll be publicly embarrassed.But as an early morning show (10.30am early in Edinburgh), it’s a bit squirmy; when she asks me if I ask too much from relationships, I can’t quite bear to pull my heart out of my mouth.I know I’m not helping the show, but some things are just be too much to share in public – before your first cup of coffee, at any rate.But the show doesn’t quite go deep enough, and – this being a liberal arts festival – the audience skews heavily towards being suspicious of surveillance rather than the suspect.also asks its audience to expose themselves, however: we’re asked a series of questions by a hyperactive gameshow host, and have to move to different quarters of a room to show our answers. These touch on all sorts of hot topics, from which religious cartoons we find most offensive to whether we’ve ever been involved in public protests to whether we’ve carried any illegal substances over a foreign border.

I got my game face on and tried a bunch of these interactive shows, from stepping up to the gambling table to going speed dating, to see what exactly what is expected of audiences – and if it’s worth it.Given little party game activity books, we have to write down a story from our own lives, and are asked to jot down seven things we love. But be warned: the next level of participation can be a butt-clenchingly exposing.There’s a tense moment when I think I might have to sing in public, the stuff of my actual nightmares; luckily, I end up just telling a story instead (about being chased by rhinos, if you were wondering).It was when trying to fund an art project at Mo MA that Adam Seymour began working as a masseuse.He got pretty adept at a happy ending – and Audiences are given both an – ew – wipe-clean, laminated sheet on the techniques he demonstrates on willing volunteers (don’t worry, male models use cucumbers too) before we’re given our own engorged gourds and deflated balloons on which to have a go at doing manoeuvres such as ‘the juicer’ and ‘palm Sunday’. Things get more raucous when Seymour suggests we do a whole-audience circle jerk.

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