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Studs are treated like men in the black lesbian community, and as such, seeking other studs for romantic and sexual fulfillment doesn’t fly as it’s seen as a rejection of one’s masculinity. Like, fix-your-grades-before-graduation-day kind of better. We are failing our fellow lesbian sisters and missing the whole point of us building our own community—unity and acceptance. A stud can still be the pinnacle of studly-ness, even with a stud girlfriend.So, what we’re left with are S4S ladies going back in the closet to please others, and other black lesbians reacting to them in the same way that straight homophobes react to all of us. We can set the standard and change what gender expression makes us expect of others, with an open mind and a little understanding. We have to create a safe, open space for everyone in our community to date. That’s the exact opposite of what the LGBTQ community is about!Unfortunately, because we’ve borrowed many of our ideas about gender expression and masculinity from the straight black universe and let them dictate our behaviors. Just because you aren’t used to or interested in S4S doesn’t mean you should react with hate. Stop treating S4S like they’re two aliens having sex behind a meth lab in a sketchy part of town, and fix your face! We have to stop looking at masculinity through heteronormative lenses.We lesbians abide by those heterosexual rules, even though we’re humpin’ the same sex. That’s a closed-minded, short-sighted way of thinking, and is contradictory to the way all of us live. Masculinity is determined by the individual, not by who that individual chooses to date.The wiki says that the photographer, Fegley, had her pose for his portfolio and even put her in a book.I guess maybe that nervous energy, that vulnerability, made her an interesting subject for more serious photography. I always worried about what other people thought of me.” …

She was an orphan and imminently practical.& All the night To turn the wheel of false desire: and longings that wake her womb To the abhorred birth of cherubs in the human form That live a pestilence & die a meteor & are no more. I do not believe this was their wedding day but rather shortly before their breakup in an ad for Givenchy’s L’Interdit, the first celebrity fragrance. As an example, when they had trouble conceiving, Blake openly advocated bringing another, younger woman into their marriage and relegating Catherine to second-class status in a different bedroom.

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Normalcy is what we make it, and the second we decide studs dating other studs is “abnormal,” we start alienating them, which is the most hypocritical thing any black lesbian could do. Family, we have to hold each other down, on a Bonnie-and-Clyde level.

At the very least, if others don’t accept us, we have to accept each other. S4S ladies are on the same journey we’re all on: to find healthy, amazing relationships that make our hearts sing and toes curl, and they should all be allowed to pursue it without judgment. Push all those stud expectations off a cliff, look beyond their exteriors, and love them for the stud-loving, fitted-hat-wearing, loc-and-fade-having ladies that they are. Turner, short hair, lipstick and bow tie, black lesbian poet, author " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ fit=640,640" / black women lesbian film bessie smith queen latifah " data-medium-file="https://i0com/ fit=750,563" / I believe that people are so judgemental and closed minded.

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