Dns updating norstar oracle consolidating different calendars

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Overlay 30 is the easiest way to check for disabled TN's; however this may only be used for Option 11 Meridians: LD 30 test (then press enter) there will be a time delay whilst the Meridian checks for disabled units then these units will be listed in the following format: NWS401 9 :-8-12-15 The above information indicates that card 9 has 3 disabled ports these are TN's 9 8, 9 12 and 9 15 If you do not have access to LD 30 or have a larger Meridian then follow the steps below: For an Option 11: LD 32 .LDIS m (List TNs of all disabled units in specified module (the module being one of the cabinets of your Option 11, enter 1 to receive information on the first cabinet then 2 etc)). LDIS L S (Where L is the loop number and S is the shelf number) List TNs of all disabled units on the specified shelf.Similarly, line numbers less than 10 must be entered with two leading zeros (line 002, for example).Internal telephone numbers, also reffered to as directory numbers (DNs), can be three to seven digits long. After pressing [ Feature ] * * C O N F I G and entering the password (the default password is A D M I N or 2 3 6 4 6), you see the following programming headings.

[ Next ] moves forward at the same level in the hierarchy of headings and subheadings.You can also change the button programming on any telephone on the system. Sys speed dial System speed dial - Program up to 70 different telephone numbers so that people in your office can dial them with a two-digit code.Passwords - Change the password you use for programming, or erase a Call log password.A line number must always be entered as a three-digit number.Line numbers from 10 to 99 must be entered with a leading zero (line 020, or example).

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