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Very little information dates from the pre-roman age, anyway it seems that Bruges was founded as a fortress-city in the 9th century by Vikings who settled here (the Dutch name "Brugge" seems to have come originally from "" meaning "harbour or mooring place"); the growing prosperity of the city made it rapidly one of the most important maritime capitals of Europe until the 16th century when Bruges entered a period of stagnation.

For a longtime it was at the center of the chronic struggle between England and France, this situation led to many revolts, The Bruges Matins (Brugse Metten), which saw armed insurrectionists led by de Coninck and Breydel, is absolutely worth mentioning.

Mieux que « Loft Story », « Secret Story » ou n’importe quelle autre téléréalité : Real Life Cam. Ce site internet permet d’observer 24 heures sur 24 et sept jours sur sept des gens chez eux grâce à des webcams installées dans toutes les pièces de leur appartement. La cuisine et le salon sont en libre accès, pour les chambres et la salle de bain, il vous faut en revanche sortir la Carte Bleue.

Pour appâter le voyeur, le site permet aux membres non-inscrits d’avoir accès pendant quelques heures à l’ensemble des appartements, hors pièces « intéressantes ». Tous les appartements sont occupés par des jeunes couples, excepté une colocation.

Verder langs de grote zeehaven en terug over Lissewege tot terug in het oude centrum. Steve - walked to the top of that tower Boxing Day last year! ☺This place is definitely worth a visit - will be so jealous when the Xmas market stalls and street decorations start to go up again for this Christmas...

Door de oude middeleeuwse stad, langs de prachtige vestingen en een oud polderdorp naar de zee.

If you use the streetview link I posted and go towards the square, just around the corner on the left is a tall building with an open tower on top, that might be familiar to people who saw the film 'In Bruges' starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleason. I was enchanted with both the city and the people when I was there.Il y avait quelque chose d’addictif dans ces programmes sans que je sache trop quoi.Au fil du temps je me suis lassée, sans trop pouvoir l’expliquer non plus.I wish people were like that here, celebrating until the Epiphany.12nov17-- Howdy Jeff , nice to hear you loved your holiday. I'd love to see a Skyline Webcam from your beautiful city.:-) Give your 'chamber of commerce' or 'board of trade' a heads up about the 'live cams'.

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