Dating women with long fingernails dating jesus book review

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Grow some calluses; they don’t need to be as long as a butter knife.

Get a dollar bill and let it snow Bret Easton Ellis-style. You’re going to be a man of constant sorrow if you don’t trim, file, or chew those claws down to a reasonable length.

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No matter how true your points are valid, it will make you look bad and you will score poorly here.

But of course, if you want folks to think of you as a good ol' boy, you better use the "curled fingers" method when you check your nails!!! It doesn't matter if they're clean, I still find them scratchy and gross.

I should probably start a poll thread about just how long is too long for male nails. FWIW, I've ended dates with men who have long nails. I admit that it's sexist, but I don't see myself getting over it, either.

If you insist on using your fingernails as chopsticks, be prepared for your nails and the hands they are attached to (and the arms the hands are attached to and the body the arms are attached to…) to get a massive scratch-down from my very functional active-length nails.

And when I'm done, I'll sprinkle a healthy dose of nail polish remover over the raw areas, just because I'm thoughtful that way.

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