Dating with purpose and purity

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Thus, without prudence bravery becomes foolhardiness; mercy sinks into weakness, and temperance into fanaticism.

But it must not be forgotten that prudence is a virtue adequately distinct from the others, and not simply a condition attendant upon their operation.

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(Latin prudentia , contracted from providentia , seeing ahead). Definitions of it are plentiful from Aristotle down.

His "recta ratio agibilium" has the merits of brevity and inclusiveness.

Father Rickaby aptly renders it as "right reason applied to practice".

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Its scope of course is to make provision of what is necessary for eternal salvation.

Prudence, therefore, has a directive capacity with regard to the other virtues.

It lights the way and measures the arena for their exercise.

You can be as picky as you want, and I discourage you from ever just settling.

I hope these 23 qualities will help you on your journey, keep you from dating the wrong people, and encourage you to not ever sell yourself short. There is a high chance you will not be able to find a guy who reaches all these qualities perfectly, but I’m sure you get the point I am trying to make.

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