Dating lovesick

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Some relationships you should walk away from (or, perhaps even run from) but others are truly worth fighting for.

But, how do you know when to say goodbye and when to give things another try?

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I had to turn this movie off after the scene where both Mena Suvari and that other unknown guy make a bet to talk to the lady in the bar and her FAT friend.

Would we all be okay with that joke if the fat lady had cancer? Obesity is a disease people and it is linked to many other heath problems, for example; diabetes.

Things were likely said that you regret or felt hurt by, yet in the end, do you still respect your ex's character?In fact, you probably already have your answer and simply don't know it.Certain relationships have an "everlasting" design, even if you've broken up with each other and said things you've come to regret.The more we make fun of it the less we take it seriously.How about we stop making fun of fat people and start treating them as human beings who have a HEALTH PROBLEM.

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