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I love my babies, but I never knew being child-bound turned so many people into assholes.” Smiling, Jordan said, “I’m actually glad you had kids because you give me hope that people can be both child-bound and decent to others at the same time.” Nodding, I added, “Jordan’s right, sometimes thinking of child-bound folks like you is the only way not to kill the zealots on the spot.

Now, as fun as this is, can we get to planning your baby’s birthday party already – I brought glitter for the whole family!

"After putting all logistics together, my government will announce the ban on sexual cleansing," she said without giving a clear date for the promised ban.

Luo explained that, according to traditional customs, surviving widows are considered "unclean" and must undergo sexual cleansing rituals after the death of their husbands.

" You might say your parents, your siblings, and/or your spouse. Also, if families are limited to genetically related individuals, what do we make of adopted, fostered, or artificially developed people - do they have a family, multiple families, or some combination there in?

Questioning the basic concept of family is a relatively new phenomenon, though variations in what we consider a "family" are not.

Sipping my coffee, I nodded and asked, “What happened this time?

” Laughing, Jordan said, “Oh, you know, the usual – some old dude told me ‘well you never know one day you might change your mind.” Giggling, I said, “That’s my favorite, I love turning to them and saying ‘you might want to keep a weapon handy since some day you might change your mind and want to get rid of junior quickly.” Laughing and spilling coffee, Jordan added, “No, my favorite is the old ‘why do you hate children’ and then I get to point out to them that I’m not the one seeking to control children like prisoners through bedtimes, punishments, and other arbitrary rules.” Arriving at the table with a latte, Addison asked, “What’s so funny you two,” and I replied, “Jordan ran into another child-bound zealot” (i.e., child-bound people who feel everyone should want or have children).

"In order to curb the rampant spread of HIV, which is spread mainly by sexual cleansing, we have called for a societal review and change of traditions," Chief and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.Rodrick Vhongo, the head of Zambia's Traditional Healers Association, said there were "alternative" purification rites other than the more popular sexual cleansing rituals."One of them requires sacrificing an animal," he told AA. For this reason, people opt for the sexual relations." "Since we are in this situation, we have no option but to go for alternative sacrifices," Vhongo asserted.Sitting down, Addison said, “Oh great, was it the one where you ‘must be anti-family’ if you don’t want to clean up someone else’s shit and spend your money on someone else’s room and board because you know you can’t support the decisions of others when they’re not the same as yours?” As Jordan and I nodded, Addison frowned and said, “You know, zealots sometimes make me wish I’d never had kids just so I wouldn’t have to associate with them.

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