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Then Nephi makes a covenant with Zoram which offers him both freedom and a family—Nephi’s own family.

Although Zoram was one of the most trusted servants of the enemy, Nephi fully accepts him and offers him everything he has.

He offers Himself as our brother, and His whole desire is to transform us to be like Him.

More than death, this story is about the need to perfectly obey and open the way to eternal life, no matter the cost.

He finds Laban in a drunken stupor and is commanded to cut off his head with his own sword.

He then finds Laban’s servant, retrieves the records and carries them to his brothers outside the city. It is much more than an historical account; it is also an allegory—a symbolic story featuring the following characters: So why did Nephi have to kill Laban?

When Nephi offered Zoram a place with his father, he was also offering to share his inheritance.

Nephi does not just take the plates and leave, he invites Zoram to come with him outside the wicked city, outside the boundaries of his servitude.

The written accounts we have of early Latter-day Saints visiting the spirit world stand as a witness that life does not end with death. Daniel asked if I knew who that was, and I answered, yes; it was Jesus Christ.“When we got close to the Savior, I felt a tremendous love emanating from him.

When the Savior came to earth, died, and rose again, He opened the doors of salvation, breaking the bands of death so that we might live. What is commonly called death does not destroy the body, it only causes a separation of spirit and body, but the principle of life, inherent in the native elements, of which the body is composed, still continues” (Since none of us has died, death remains unfamiliar and unknown. It’s hard to describe, but you could feel it all around him, and I felt a similar enormous love for him. I was so amazed and so delighted that I requested my guide to permit me to stay and dwell there, for all things were far in advance of this world” (Ibid., 84-85). It was a city of light—similar to cities on earth in that there were buildings and paths; but the buildings and paths appeared to be built of materials which we consider precious on earth.

Brigham Young said, “Our bodies are composed of visible tangible matter . However, a few people have visited the spirit world through near-death experiences, dreams, and visions. I fell at his feet—not because I thought about it, but because I couldn’t stand” (Life After Death: 6 Insights into the Spirit World It is natural to be curious about what the spirit world looks like.

We can learn much about death and the next life from their accounts. As we got closer to the individual on the path, I could see and feel that he was a magnificent person, and it was . Some people who visited there have given clear and vivid descriptions, such as Brother Pettersson, who said it resembled the world he knew on earth.

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