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5 - The Easy Social It is integrated with Playplans?

6 - The Easy Social It is ACL Support: Control who can access different features on the backend Control who can access different features on the front end Def...

This article goes into why simplification of the interface is best in the long run.

And now you are giving us a clean, integrated, extensible replacement for Jom S? ) Also I wonder how things like creating friends and restricting access to what you share with them and...

I believe you have questions about Easy Social so please send in your inquiries in the comment form below and we will attend to them all here.

Did I miss the beta testing invite - or is that just an inhouse beta test that the Stack Ideas Super Heroes are doing?

Here's an image of the Dashboard in the brand new social networking extension for Joomla: Stick around as we release more sneak peeks of the cool features of Easy Social via our newsletters. Easy Social will be the next best thing for you to create online communities.

If you had trouble using other social networking extensions, Easy Social could be your saviour to most of your problems whilst managing online communities.

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