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Several species of bats inhabit the cave, which makes it even more interesting to visitors, but also results in the cave being closed to the public during the winter to prevent from bats being disturbed during their hibernation.

There are approximately 250 steps inside the cave, but stops are made along the way, which makes walking around a lot easier.

Predjama Castle is situated in the middle of a towering cliff, a mere 9 km from Postojna Cave.

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The karstic terrain beneath the castle with its cave system was an excellent choice.

It provided Erazem and his people with a secret passage that lead to freedom, a source of drinking water, a further place for hiding and storage of food - everything that turned out to be indispensable, invaluable and essential during the siege.

Between May and September, visitors are also able to have a look around the picturesque Cave under Predjama Castle.

It is listed among the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world.

Predjama Castle with its location and mysterious tunnels is truly something special.

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