Are ian and lucy dating who is curtis stone dating

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"I've always said that Ezria is part of the DNA of this show and I stand by that statement," she said.

"Whether they're together or apart, they will always have a relationship in some way, shape, or form." Although King warned, "By the end of this season, there's a whole other set emotions that tip their relationship in yet another direction."Which brings up an all-important question: If Ezra isn't "A," who is?

Now it's about how she processes that, so, at her core, she's questioning every single thing he ever said, every single thing he's ever done, and every single thing her world has been as a result of him.

The rug was truly pulled out from under her." For all the couple's issues, Hale said she's of the mind-set that this will not be the end of Ezria.

Normally finding out your boyfriend is not the psychopath who has been tormenting you for years would be a good thing, but this revelation still means Ezra's entire relationship with Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) was built upon a lie since he initially cozied up to her in an attempt to get inside scoop on Alison.

"I want to believe she is still madly in love with him." Harding took that one step further, saying "I don't see that their relationship could be what it was before, but then again, with every true love relationship, you experience extreme pain and hardship that come from the other person.

If you look at it through that lens, this has the potential to make them stronger, make them into something entirely different and, perhaps, more unstoppable."King concurred.

Naturally, Lucy and Ian paused to take a photo together as well, much to the delight of the Ezria shippers out there.

It's definitely pretty clear that we're not the only ones who are going to have a hard time saying goodbye to Rosewood this spring.

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