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That’s why this conversation is so important to have.I’m thankful that the person I’m currently with doesn’t feel strongly towards having kids, because those are my exact feelings, too.Everyone has a set of weird habits or tendencies they lean towards.Don’t deny that part of yourself and allow your partner in on it.Don’t be hesitant about the situation and talk about these concerns with your partner.Chances are, they might be feeling the same way, too.In this case, I believe our mutual fascination towards each other’s weirdness acts as our emulsifier.

We’ve developed strange nicknames for each other and instead of letting our quirks drive us apart, they’ve only helped us grow closer.The last person I dated, however, was always adamant about being a dad.I flat out told him on our first date that I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to have kids.He and I have a similar sense of humor, and when we combine that weirdness, amazing things happen. I’ve joked with him that we’re like oil and water, but he told me that it doesn’t matter.What matters is the emulsifier that brings those two components together.

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