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The miracles wrought in j more unto the perfect day." As light connection with the preaching of the 1 is stronger tnan darkness it gives us Gospel once for all attest the divinity 1 alia chance to become optinnsts of of the Gosi)el and serves the ! heard of in all directions: armies marching back and forth, one after another; and in many places the peo- religion was almost banished from some neighborhoods where it had been pretty lively." [^Ibid 62.] North Carolina suffered most from in Bal fore th meet i South* odists aband Asbur. Murrah, the president, is very 1 higlily spi»ken of as a leader in cduea- Trinity, Main Street, Carr Church, Durham Circuit, Hillsboro Circuit, Chapel Hill, Roxboro Circuit, Mount Tir/ah Circuit', Milton Circuit, Leasl)urg Circuit, Burlington Station, Burlington Circuit, Yanceyville Circuit, Alamance Circuit, Totals, S0 00 7 00 §175 00 §110 00 ? 60 00 §37 00 235 00 50 00 120 00 80 00 50 00 175 00 115 00 70 00 80 00 80 00 60 00 110 00 50 00 282 00 50 00 118 00 79 00 50 00 174 00 114 00 69 00 79 00 79 00 59 00 109 00 50 00 147 00 31 00 76 00 50 00 3100 109 00 7:: 00 44 00 ' 50 00 50 00 38 00 68 00 3100 93 00 20 00 48 00 32 00 20 00 69 00 45 00 2S00 32 00 32 00 24 00 43 00 20 0Ih. A cor- respondent who heard him says: "Pere Hyacinthe, who has now dis- carded the surplice altogether, read a passage from the Scriptures, and then delivered a long and eloquent discourse. oct 18 tf Sweet Gum and Mullein is a sure cure lor coughs, colds, croup, consump- tion, and all other throat and lung troubles. ( ) \ \ 25 Cents a Box, ' I bat generally recognized in England and. ^ fact througtiout the world to be "worth a ] f cuinea a I platnta,and that tbey have saved to many ( » Mifferers not merely ouo but man]/ gaiueas, in • ' doctors* bills.

Yes, I go; I n»ay not stay; All I've loved have passediaway; Strangers now are those I meet Coldly passinjr on the street. to The Wheelej Wall Paper Co., 16 East Trade street, Charlotte, N.

Siicli rapid and extensive movements in favor as, l\ath shone upon the people, and many \ In. or from the blessed work in which we are engaged." [I.«e, 62.] Fi- nally, however,all the preachers from Great Brittaiii except Asbury saw fit to return home. Kirklaud,of the Southern Chris- iian Advocate, is having more than his 6 50 4 00 General Fund, F. | _Drji^ ^^ys Bishop Key's address 8 05 to the candidates for admission to the 8 90 Mississippi Conference was exceeding- | ly fervent and earnest, and was fol- ' lowed by such demonstrations as he i used to see at camivmeetings when he | was a boy — hand shaking, tears, and ] sboiits. work, which only changed the name [ when our present movement was organized. Kelley's | plan of uniting Epworths and Chris tian Endeavors. Hos.s: The Discipline, "i 464, distinguishes between "Reports" of the Book Agents, which are to be made to the Book Committee nionthli/, and "an exhibit to the several Annual Conferences," to be made "on the first day of April in each year." It adds: "All their reports and exhibits shall be carefully audited by the Book Com- mittee, and certilied to by the same." A test vote on the "substitute" adopted by the late session of the Tennessee Conference stood 65 for to 63 against. i3' persons were standing on the Conference fle brought in in a less offensive form, and that 62 members of the Con- ference were said to stand up with me, while 65 were said to insist that the substitute should pass in the ojeetion- able shape in which it still stands.

They met again miracles becau.se,nbne will ever again h«ard of in «ii r H«v.fi«n-. They regarded the n preachers as no longer Meth- they would consent to •1 the step they had taken. Waters and Garretson were "f X a committee to inform the tion causes ihe foi lie ■- : liu-aj-vto ap- pear vt^ry c\»i H|.ii'uou^ly, But he is a iiull reader of history wli*) has M\M to notice that the bcai vul,/at institu- tions of tlie pre.lifting of hum itiity, during the present century, than in all tlio past centuries fonibined. History of Niethodism in North Carolina in the Eighteenth Century. General Fond, Ptnevi Ue, General Fund, 4 40 Thank O tiering, 10 Conference Expense, 150 Monroe Station. (General Fund, 4 45 Total, ' |f58 15 A//"V via -o j editor for another quddrennium." Trfrm Street Yonmj Ladirs. He ; says eight or nine years ago he organ- | ized in j NIemphis, Tenn., an Oxford | League very similar to our present !

While truth of the new message, and the it is true that, " wicked men wax authority of the messenger. WITH V C RITICAL KSSAY OX THE SO r KC E S O F 1 N FO R M AT I O X . [Mc Tyeire, 311.] They could \ etl, and 1 hoped it would never take of the Tories," and thus brought not get their children baptized by the ' place again." The preachers then " many sufferings and much trouble Presbyterians unless one of the pa- went away to their respective circuits on the Methodist preachers and peo- rents was of their faith. "Exhibits" of our Book Agents to Annual Conferences. (Jeneral i Mind, Co Dference Expense, s8 59 ' — '^^^ Mississippi Conference mc- :i 2rwer unordained ministers to administer the sacraments and celebrate the rite of matrimonv. Southall of the Virginia Conference during the j session of the conference and in the 5 00 basement of the church iu which the conference was held. We are un — Pere Hyacinthe-Loyson lectured every Sunday last mouth in the t'hapelle Taitbout, Paris.

have made no formal ackuowkxlgment of his in- some new teacher or new order of j fluence are nevirthelessatfectcd large- things, it is also an attestation to the 1 ly by Christian civiiization. Some of them acted very unwisely Ijefore leaving the country, as did Rodda who "had taken some imprudent steps in fiwor \ dained. The most effective supjwrt of the sub- stitute came from brethren who may \ man must stand alone.

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