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You may add funds to your account safely and securely online by visiting the Yard Card Online Account Manager. You can also add funds to your Yard Card at the Cash Office, located next to the Navy Federal Credit Union and at the Yard Card PHi L machines on the basement levels of the 4th, 5th and 7th Wings of Bancroft Hall.Once funded, the account balance will decline with each purchase you make.If your Midshipman does not already have a Yard Card, please contact the Yard Card Cash Office at 410-293-0414 to start a Yard Card account for your Midshipman.You can use credit cards and debit cards bearing the Visa and Mastercard logo to make a deposit to a Yard Card account.Midshipmen can also view their Mid Charge account balances and activity.Your Midshipman has been issued a Yard Card, you may use the Yard Card Account Manager page to add money to their Yard Cards.You don't need to sign up for anything, or fill in any forms.

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Yard Card Accont Manager Self Registration Midshipmen and other Yard Card holders must self register to create a login and password before they can use the Yard Card Account Manager.

To register, go to the Yard Card Account Manager page and click on Sign Up, in the Cardholder Self Registration section.

Click on Make Deposit in the Make a Depost to a Cardholder’s Account section.

You will then be taken to a deposit screen to enter your credit card information.

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